Board of Management

Linda McNulty                         Chairperson

Linda was part on the start up committee for Westport Educate Together, who campaigned for the new school. Linda works as Project Administrator with The Family Resource Centre, Westport. Linda was appointed chairperson of the board by Educate Together in November 2019.

Vivienne Bourke                     Parent Nominee

Vivienne, along with Linda was part of the start up committee for the school. She was voted as parent nominee by parents in November 2019.

Denise Jeffers                         Community Nominee

Denise lives in Westport and works as a primary school teacher in Mulranny National School. She was appointed as Community Nominee by the board of management in November 2019. She then took up the role of treasurer of the board in December 2019.

Niall Quinn                              Secretary

As principal of Westport Educate Together, Niall also serves as Secretary of the board.


Reports of the main items discussed at Westport ETNS board meetings:


23rd March 2021

  • Interviews will be held in the coming days for Support teacher role for the final term
  • The architect has drawn up a report outlining the most suitable accommodation prospects for our new temporary accommodation. We are awaiting further instruction from the department based on the findings of the report
  • Power Hour Literacy programme ongoing in the school
  • A big thank you to Conor O’Grady for his hard work and dedication to the pupils and school during his placement. We wish Conor the well in his future career as a teacher

15th December 2020

  • We are continuing to liaise with the department about our new temporary accommodation. Despite reports in the media we still have not received any official word/sanction from the department.
  • Enrolment window for next September is closing at the end of February. Only a few places left!
  • Breda Burns will be taking part in the TAP artists programme in the new year with the school.
  • The school has also been accepted on the Nurture Schools training programme. More on this to follow.
  • Despite the current situation with Covid-19, our attendance so far this year is up to 91% (89% over the same period last year).The board would like to acknowledge the great effort of the children, families and staff in order to reopen and keep the school open in as safe a way as possible.
  • Please see the Parental Complaints Procedure adopted by the board on the school website. We accept that grievances and complaints are a natural and normal part of the school workplace and we wish to promptly, fairly and effectively deal with the issues as they arise.
  • The board would like to wish everyone connected with Educate Together Westport a safe and restful holiday period.


20th October 2020


  • Email from DES re. accommodation: “the Department is exploring potential means of providing alternative permanent accommodation for the school. This process is ongoing. We would hope to have a more specific update for you in this regard shortly.  In relation to the interim accommodation position, the Department notes that the current interim accommodation is only sufficient for the current school year.”
  • Please see Acceptable Use of the Internet policy and Remote Learning policy in the policies section of the school website. Acceptable Use of the Internet is a very important policy, not only for children but for all staff and parents as well. In the event of school closures due to Covid 19 restrictions, we have formulated a Remote Learning Hopefully, we will not have to use this policy but it is there and ready in the event of a change in department policy.
  • The board of management of Westport ET, mindful of the school ethos, endeavours to educate about all traditions and religious celebrations. Educate Together schools do not overtly celebrate traditions such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter etc. However, given the current restrictions, and in light of the fact that our pupils will not be able to attend parties or go trick-or-treating over the midterm holiday period, a proposal to have a midterm party this Friday 22nd October was passed by the board at the recent meeting. Children can dress-up, bring treats and candy/sweet hunt will be organised etc. 
25th August 2020
  • The board has adopted the school Covid-19 Response Plan, Logistics Plan and updated Health and Safety Statement/Policy. All can be found on the school website Covid-19 section.
  • Though not a government directive, the board has decided to track temperatures of pupils and staff in the mornings using a contactless thermometer. Rationale: anyone above 38 degrees can not stay at school. Also, it offers us the chance to track temperatures so that staff can better ascertain if a pupil/staff member has had a spike in temperature.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for all children and staff. Personal hand sanitizer is not allowed due to potential poisoning risk.
  • The board would also like to remind parents of the importance of physical distancing at drop-off and collection times.

12th May 2020

  • Westport Educate Together Board of Management would like to reiterate our support for families at this difficult time and the distance learning strategy of the school is in no way intended to add pressure or stress to family life. Please contact the school should you require assistance or support.  
  • The school has set up a ‘Device Loaning’ Scheme for the duration of the emergency measures. The school has access to laptops, chromebooks, tablets etc. Should you need to borrow any of the above please contact Niall or Grace. Other device suggestions are welcome.      
  • The school has secured Sharkey Hill Community Centre for 2020/21 school year. Educate Together and the Department of Education & Skills are investigating options for accommodation for the 2021 school year and beyond. We hope to have further news on this at our next meeting.

4th March 2020

  • Educate Together AGM will be held on Saturday 25thApril - Niall to attend
  • Covis-19 update - children frequently reminded to wash hands correctly. Any updates received from the department, HSE or the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) will be forwarded to the school community
  • The school has purchased a second laptop using the ICT fund.
  • Educate Together are in talks with the department for long term building solution/strategy - essentially this means exhausting all possible buildings in the Westport area that could be suitable for our school (before this, the search was narrowed to include only buildings owned by the government and that were not in use). If you have any suggestions please let us know by return of email and we will forward any suggestions to Educate Together and the Department.
  • Swimming will begin after Easter for 8 weeks approx. Days and exact times are TBC. It will probably be an afternoon session starting at 12.15 approx to finish at 1.00pm. Parents/Guardians can collect at Westport Leisure Centre and also help to get your child dressed. **As this is a school event, any parent/guardian that enters the changing room MUST be Garda vetted.There will be further information about this issue to follow.
  • Inishturk National School may be joining us during our swimming sessions, as both schools have small numbers. TBC.